70 Phillip St, Mingenew WA 6522

Teaching & Learning

At Mingenew Primary School students can expect to receive a quality education, tailored to their individual needs, planned and delivered by experienced, highly-skilled and enthusiastic educators. We aim to ignite in our students the desire to strive to be the best they can be in all aspects of school life and beyond. Values and attributes to support our students to develop self-belief and confidence, in their pursuit of excellence, are explicitly taught and acknowledged.

We embrace modern technologies to enhance the learning of our students and better prepare them for their future pathways.

We support your child’s academic, social and emotional growth and development through whole-school approaches along with individualised plans. We use a case-managed approach which is inclusive of parents, allied health professionals and our school chaplain. Individual or small group intervention programs are implemented for students who require additional support or extension.

Our Values

Our learning environment reflects our core values. At Mingenew Primary School, we believe learning occurs best when we use the core values of STRIVE.

Strive Statements
Classroom prac

Inside Our Classrooms

Our commitment to high-quality teaching lets your child benefit from a range of modern tools to learn to read, write, understand and ask the right questions. These skills are used across the school as students build upon them year after year. We give extra help to those who may need it as we work in small groups or one-on-one as required.

Our commitment to high impact teaching ensures your child will be fully engaged in their learning. Our whole-school approaches enrich year on year achievement and ensure seamless transitions between year levels or classes to maximise the outcomes for your child.

Students are actively engaged in their learning, setting personal goals and displaying our ‘Successful Learner Attributes’ as they strive to achieve their best in vibrant learning environments.

Positive Behaviour Support

Across the school, we help students understand what is expected of them both in and out of the classroom. Your child will be rewarded for showing positive behaviour as he or she continues to learn about being respectful, friendly, safe and an achiever. This helps us create a calm, safe and positive school environment.

We reward your child’s positive behaviour with individual and whole-school initiatives. Our students are continually recognised for displaying our school-wide expectations. We collect the PBS tickets that students have been awarded in the playground and draw individual raffle prizes at assemblies. As a whole school, the students’ PBS tickets, Dojos and tokens are tallied and go towards special school activities or excursions.

Would you like to know more about the Positive Behaviour Support program that we use at our school? Click below to download a PDF of the Parent Handbook.

Our Shared Beliefs about Teaching & Learning

Our staff work closely together in the best interests of your child’s learning and development. We work with the following shared beliefs

  • High expectations for staff and students to support year on year growth
  • Teaching and learning is visible and includes quality formative feedback, reflection and is data driven
  • High quality explicit teaching produces high performing students
  • Social, emotional and academic needs are nurtured and developed in a safe, supportive environment where all students feel valued and encouraged
  • Parents, carers and outside agencies, work in partnership with the school to maximise student outcomes

Successful Learners

We have outlined the qualities of what successful learning looks like. Developing these qualities can help children succeed in all areas of learning.

School Activities

Our school community is proud to be in a regional area with all that has to offer but our students certainly have opportunities to engage in activities that you may find at a larger school. Some events and programs include

  • Swimming Carnival
  • Winter Sports Carnival
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics Carnival
  • PEAC Program
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Book Week Parade
  • Times Table Challenge
  • Indonesian Language Program
  • Incursions and Excursions
  • Year 6 Camp

Our School Creed

At Mingenew Primary School we all say, show Pride and Persistence in every way.
We strive to keep our standards high, these lasting efforts will see us by.
For our environment, we really care.
We plant our trees for all to share.
Sportsmanship is the way to go, we all play fairly friend or foe.
We care for others in our play, and that is how we want to stay.
Mingenew Primary is the place to be, we care a lot as you can see.
And don’t forget our golden rule,
Pride and Persistence is really cool!