70 Phillip St, Mingenew WA 6522

Our Community

Mingenew Primary School is located in the heart of Mingenew, Western Australia. We are part of a welcoming agricultural community surrounding by natural beauty. The school is well supported and resourced by community initiatives and an active Parents and Citizens (P&C) Committee.

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Peter Horwood Mingenew PS School Board Chair

From Our School Council

I have been involved with the school in a variety of roles over the last 20 years such P & C President and parent helper as I have a son who completed his primary education at Mingenew Primary School.

I am passionate about regional education and have a good understanding of the importance of developing and maintaining strong connections between the school and local community.

As School Council members, we make sure that the wider community is aware of the wonderful educational opportunities the students are provided with at Mingenew Primary School.

The School Council is actively involved in school governance. We have very good two-way communication where all opinions and contributions are valued. The school council plays a role in monitoring and informing the school’s strategic direction in a way that achieves the best learning outcomes for the students. We work collaboratively with the school leadership team, contributing to Strategic Planning, School Reviews, Operational Plan Reviews, review policies and monitor the school finances.

Mingenew Primary School has always been supported by a strong, active P&C. Their contributions have provided students with broader opportunities and have enabled the school to purchase resources to enrich the students’ learning experiences.

A strong school means a strong community. Families should feel encouraged to come to our wonderful community-minded town for employment, with the knowledge they will access and receive great educational outcomes for their children at Mingenew Primary School.

Peter Horwood

Chairperson, Mingenew Primary School Council

Mingenew Primary School P&C President

From Our P&C Committee

The school community here at Mingenew is engaged, diverse and valued. For me, I felt welcomed into the fold well before my eldest son started his schooling journey. We  attended the annual ‘Day at School’ a number of times. This is an opportunity for children as well as their parents, carers and siblings to ‘try out’ school for a morning. When it came time for my son to start kindergarten, our family felt familiar, safe and connected to the school.

No matter what age your child is when they join our school, parents and carers are encouraged to be part of your child’s education journey along with contributing to the community and culture of Mingenew Primary School. As an independent organisation, our P&C plays an important role in building the community and working with the Principal to:

  • raise and distribute funds towards activities, resources and experiences that cannot be met by the school’s budget;
  • provide support to initiatives that benefit the school and its students such as a uniform shop, new parent information booklet, library parent help and senior year leadership activities; and
  • contribute ideas and collaborate on whole of school projects.

In 1959, our P&C was bequeathed a 22ha plot of farming land by Esther Temple Russell in memory of her beloved brother Francis Carlton Burges who died in WW1. An act of pure benevolence, this land provides our P&C with 50-80% of its annual fundraising income thanks to the generosity of Daybreak Farming and the Smart Family before them. In a letter finalising the land transaction, Mrs Temple Russell states, “the grownups might just please remember the block belongs to the children not to them.”

I love this as it perfectly sums up the role of the P&C. It gives us ‘grownups’ a meaningful and focussed way to contribute to our school community as well as demonstrates our vision to benefit current and future generations of Mingenew children.

Hellene McTaggart

President, Mingenew Primary School P&C Committee